Why Use Bitcoin

What is a week worth?

  • Work a Week
  • Get a Wallet
  • Get Bitcoin
  • Pay for the System
  • Share Pledges

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How much is one week or less of your time worth?

Three figures, four, five, six or even seven figures are possible.

Just study this website and video on how to get a bitcoin wallet then fund your wallet with at least $50. There is a video on the Get Bitcoin tab on how to set up a wallet. The week of your time is to learn how to get and fund your wallet. Some people can do it in minutes.

Next, register and prove you have learned about bitcoin by paying $30 in bitcoin for this training and receive an entire marketing system as a bonus.

You will now have this website and others coded to you. Distribute this website with your referral ID and receive up to the potential shown in the chart below.

Note: This chart is correct. There is an error in the video.

Our Pledge Distribution Formula looks like a 2 X 7 Matrix; however, upline, downline and sideline can fill your matrix based on network relationships and performance.

Your Rank and Team Points determine your pledge levels and what pledges you can receive. As example, if your next Rank is 8, you need to pledge 80 points and have 3 Team Points to be qualified. You could then receive 40 pledge points from 32 Target positions and an unlimited number of 20 point pledge matches from personal sales and their personal sales when they are the Target.

Note: You will need to build Teams in order to qualify for the different Ranks. Each Team Point is two personal sales and four second level sales. In addition you must voluntarily pledge per Rank BEFORE you can receive per Rank. Rank 1 can receive on the first three sales before paying for your training.

Hint: You can receive up to 50% match on everyone you train and up to 50% match on who they train for each Rank starting at Rank 2. How many people do you want to educate on bitcoin and our system?

Click the potential tab for a detailed video.

Get started now. Register immediately to get your ID and system, then pay in bitcoin using your ID.

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